Value Selling

Value selling is one of the most promising approaches to make your sales organization more successful. However, many companies have room for improvement when it comes to using these techniques in a professional manner.

PRS has a deep understanding of how one can increase your company’s value selling capabilities in a simple but very effective manner. According to the latest Global Pricing and Sales Study, the skill to communicate product and solution value effectively will be of the utmost importance for sales teams over the next five years. Furthermore, almost two-thirds of companies see sales as the biggest driver of future profit growth and value selling increases the sales effectiveness & thus help achieve the growth potential.

PRS also trains & ensures that this perceived value is effectively communicated to the customer and also the involvement of PRS helps in criteria’s like positive brand perception, faith in the product, assurance of quality and after-sales service. In all PRS ensures that all the parameters for Value selling are strengthened and well-etched/planned.

This PRS activity is more than important in today’s scenario we see less of value selling but more emphasis on the sales team on the own product specs & capabilities. It should be no surprise that according to research, on an average 87% of the revenues on complex B2B sale environments are being generated by just 13% of the sales population who have focussed on Value selling principals.

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