Best HR Practices

Human asset is the real asset than any of the oil wells. The Human Resource department is hardly even known as the most important department of a company. Without an effective and efficient HR team, there will be no talents in the company. Without talented people who are dedicated to the company, there will be no business.

Things that are done by HR can often be forgotten, as it’s mostly behind the scene work. The scope of the HR department is more than just processing Payroll and setting employee health benefits. HR plays an essential role in developing a company strategy, by enhancing employee’s perceptions throughout the workforce and providing a well-rounded vision.

Human resources has now become the fundamental enabler of business strategy. Technology enablement has paved the way for paperless HR and offered a window to tap into existing opportunities through more effective utilisation of data and information. PRS understands this fusion of modern with traditional management practices and how this can form the foundation / guidance for managing the company’s employees in the process aligning them with the executive business plan.
The Parikh Group has been globally lauded for the best HR policies and PRS brings this successful & effective HR practice to its associated partners. The core principals of this lie in Selective hiring of the right people, creating Self-motivated & Self-managed effective teams, ensuring Fair and performance-based compensation, constant Training & up-gradation of skills, Creating a flat and egalitarian organization, Making information easily accessible to those who need it and most importantly communicating to each employee the company mission & long term goals to help him align his aspirations with the same.

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