Money Management

The business might be about creating great products and services but failing to understand your numbers is a major reason for a business to go bankrupt. Almost 42% of small business owners have reported that handling steady and consistent cash flow can be quite challenging and thus an effective yet simple money management strategy is essential for a business.
PRS helps the company handle its business finances, setting goals, have a practical budget, tracking their expenses and income, and making smart investment decisions. PRS ensures that businesses have smart financial plans and opt-in for the best accounting software, to help avoid negative cash flow periods and always ensure that the business is on track to make a profit.
With a through the experience of scale-up and diversification of businesses, PRS understand the core principals and requirements of a proper Money Management strategy. This could invoice creating a budget & ensuring that the business sticks to it, pushing an enterprise to stay ahead of deadlines, track the expenses, keeping the personal & business funds separate, cutting costs to increase revenue, ensure consistent cash reserve, reinvesting wisely back in the business and getting the cash flow organised to keep it always in green.
PRS will ensure that proper financial KPI’s are well defined and financial reports generated to be evaluated regularly in board rooms. This budgeting data & points mentioned above help set proper financial goals which are specific to the business and its needs. One of the reasons why so many businesses fail to thrive is the fact that their owners give in to the enthusiasm but fail to create a proper short-term and long-term goal/plan that is realistic and achievable. This is where PRS ensures that the goals for the business are SMART ( Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results-based and Time-limited. )

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