Mergers & Acquisitions

Any entrepreneur will understand the difficulty of starting a business from scratch. The countless hours and sleepless nights one must endure to come up with an effective business plan are often compared to rearing a child.

M&A are envisaged as alliances that yield benefits for the companies by offering a platform to attain their business goals which would be difficult or uneconomical to attain independently. M&A with an ideal partner provides a fast way to leverage complementary resources available with the other partner, share each other’s capabilities, access new markets, strengthen Position in the current markets, or diversify into new business.

Indian companies have come of age and it is not just an investment destination but also aggressive investors. Indian companies have exhibited in the recent past, their ambition to venture into the quest for overseas expansion. The main stumbling block for Indian companies in achieving expected levels of global presence are; deficiencies in terms of Product quality, technology, infrastructure and event management processes. These deficiencies can be negated by way of an alliance with a foreign counterpart who is a strategic fit.

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