Board Room Problems

The role of a director today is much more complex than ever, necessitating a sharper focus on the critical questions during tough times. The boards that take an early leadership role in stepping up to problems and to the process of resolution will help their respective companies thrive in turbulent times. The board needs to be aggressive in planning strategies not only to survive but thrive to the top in this competitive market scenario
“Small Board room errors can cause bad navigation. Being just a few degrees off at the start of a problem can lead to being wildly off course very soon.” And this is exactly where PRS can contribute saving precious time, efforts & money. With its unique style and understanding of the process and short and long term effect of a management decision… PRS can protect & refine the board’s decision-making process so that Directors can be honest and serve their fiduciary responsibility.
PRS would ensure success, by immediately aligning the Board on the onset of a problem and to break problems into parts that can be easily discussed & decided without costly delays. Help in case there is a need of formation of a committee or small group of its independent directors to follow through with the process and outcomes desired. Ensure an ease of working & effectiveness by advising on how often and the manner in which board meetings should be conducted or how the board decisions should be documented so as to protect the board’s decision-making process.
PRS can guide on the delicate balance of transparency to be maintained as the board is not just answerable to its stakeholders but also to the employees, customers & society.

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